Premium 100

Plan DetailsPremium 100 (P100)
Impression Credits100,000 impressions per calendar month
Free Trial10 days, no upfront payment information required
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Event Tracking 10x impression credits
Setup FeeNone
Licensing FeeNone
Hidden FeesNone
Standard SupportIncluded
Video Ad Server Included
Mobile Ad Server Included
Overage Insurance Included
Bonus Impressions 1% every month
Flexible Contracts Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
Prepayment Discount Up to 20%
Compare 7.96 cents to 9.95 cents per CPM
Cost$7.96 to $9.95 per month
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Prepaid Discount

Term & DiscountPrice (USD)Before DiscountAfter DiscountYou Save
Monthly (0%)$9.95/month$9.95$9.95 
Quarterly (5%)$9.45/month$29.85$28.36$1.49 (5%)
Semi-Annually (10%)$8.96/month$59.70$53.73$5.97 (10%)
Annually (20%)$7.96/month$119.40$95.52$23.88 (20%)

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