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Revenue and Expense Reporting

Publishers and advertisers can set ad rates for any individual ad by:


For publishers, the report name is Revenue. For advertisers, the report name is Expense. Reporting periods include hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly. To view a revenue or expense report:
  • Click the main menu "Reports / Revenue"
  • Choose a time period: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly
  • Choose an ad, zone, or another entity to view its report
  • To view a breakdown revenue report, click on tab "Zone Revenue" or "Ad Revenue" (if available). You can choose from the dropdown to see a Summary, Breakdown or a more comprehensive report that includes "Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Conversions and Revenue".

Flat Rate

Every time you charge your advertiser a flat fee, you can enter the amount into "Flat/One-Time Cost" field. This flat fee can occur one-time, monthly, yearly, or on any regular or irregular interval. Next, check the box below "Record this flat/one-time cost into the revenue/expense report for this ad". This step will ensure you keep a good record for all the revenues/expenses for this ad.

Self-Service Advertising

If your advertiser enters the ad via the self-service advertising platform then you do not need to enter the ad rate. It will be entered automatically after the invoice is paid and you approve the ad.

Ad Network

As an ad network, you can set full ad rates from your advertisers and payout ad rates for your site partners. You can view revenue report for your whole ad network or any website, channel, zone, group, ad or advertiser. When viewing revenue report for a zone, you can choose to view a report that uses the full ad rates or a report that uses the payout ad rates.

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