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Multiple Reporting Formats

You can export a report for Ads, Zones, Groups, Campaigns, Advertisers, and Publishers into different formats including: plain text, printer-friendly, CSV (Comma Separated Values), Excel, PDF, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), and XML via API.

Report in PDF

To view a PDF report, follow main menu "Reports / Basics / Daily". Click on the PDF icon on the right side of the report. You can also get PDF reports when you schedule an email report.

Export a Report

To download a report in a different format, you can click on an entity name (Zone, Campaign, etc.) and click on the "Reports" tab. Then you can choose a report to view via the web interface. When the report is displayed, you can see an Export icon i on the top-right of each data table. Clicking on it will give you several format options for exporting.

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