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Customize the email report template

Publishers can customize the text of your scheduled email reports. The message should only contain plain text and no HTML code. The following tags have special meanings in the template and will be replaced with their actual values when the message is actually sent out to the report's recipient. This feature is only available to subscribers of private branding.
  • {AS:Report:Interval}: will be replaced with the report's interval, which could be "one time only","daily","weekly","first day of every month", and "every XX days"
  • {AS:Report:ToEmail}: the recipient's email address(es)
  • {AS:Report:Body}: the report's data tables
  • <AS:Report:UnsubscribeNotice>...</AS:Report:UnsubscribeNotice>: any general notice on how to unsubscribe and it is displayed before the message body
  • <AS:Report:UnsubscribeLink>...</AS:Report:UnsubscribeLink>: any instructions to unsubscribe
  • {AS:Report:UnsubscribeURL}: the link to unsubscribe
  • {AS:ContactName}: your contact name
  • {AS:CompanyName}: your company's name

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