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Setup your private brand

With the private branding feature, you need to choose two sub-domains:
  1. One sub-domain for your advertisers, your users and you to manage ad inventory and view reports. In this example, we use
  2. Another sub-domain for serving ads to your visitors. In this example, we use

CNAME Aliases

The first step is to register the chosen sub-domains with your domain registrar or DNS provider by adding two CNAME aliases. The two sub-domains below are just our examples, you can change them to your own words. To change your DNS settings, you would need to contact your domain registrar, where you registered your domain name, or the web hosting provider, for instructions. DNS changes might take up to 24 hours to fully propagate.

As a technical note, you should NOT have any other DNS records (eg: A for the same sub-domain. If you need help with the DNS record setup or are not sure if/how you can edit the DNS records for your domain, please submit a technical ticket with as much details as possible.

Custom Sign-in Domain

This sub-domain is used for you, your associates, and your advertisers to access different account areas, including the dashboard, ad management and reporting sections. The format of the correct DNS record should be similar to this: CNAME

Please note that you can change "clients" to your own word.

Custom Ad Serving Domain

This sub-domain is used to serve ads to your visitors. The format of the correct DNS record should be similar to this: CNAME

Please note that you can change "adserver" to your own word.

Register the Sub-domains with AdSpeed

After adding the two CNAME records at your domain's registrar, you can register these two sub-domains with AdSpeed by clicking on the menu "My Account / Add-ons / Private Branding" and click on "Custom Sign-In Domain" and "Custom Ad Serving Domain".

Customize the Control Panel

Click on "Custom Control Panel" to customize the template. You can paste HTML into the Header and Footer section to customize your private brand. The header is the first section after <body> tag. The footer is the last section before </body> tag. Additionally, you can use an external CSS file to apply custom stylings. Please note that any links or images must have the full path, meaning they should begin with https:// or http:// and are viewable to the public (i.e. no need for a password and no error/redirect)


Once the sub-domain is active, you can see it by going to your private sign-in domain. In our example, it is ""

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