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Online visitor report

Like a live traffic tracker, this report shows you how many people are currently active on your site, where they are in your site and from which page they came from, which Ad/Zone they viewed and at what time. Advanced technical details are also available including browser version, operating system, originating country and more.

Note on Performance

If you see a significant change for this number from one refresh to the next, it's not a problem with your incoming traffic but rather with the speed of generating stats. There is a minor trade-off between real-time stats and accuracy in reporting the number of active visitors.

Each time you see the number of active visitors, the reporting system (located in the US) pulls the live stats from ALL active ad servers around the world. 99% of the time, the communication channel and bandwidth available between these servers are very fast, and you should have the correct real-time stats from all ad servers. However, in case when one of the ad servers is a little slower to report, we designed the system so that you don't have to wait long before seeing a number, the reporting system simply skips the slow ad server and moves to the next. This could under-count the number of active visitors and explain the low number. We do utilize many (including 3rd parties) real-time monitoring systems to make sure all the servers are up and running properly 24/7.

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