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How do I compare between total and breakdown reports?

The numbers in a breakdown report can be different from the numbers under the Total tab for several reasons:
  • Breakdown reports do not include latest/real-time stats for today
  • Breakdown reports do not include timezone adjustments for daily breakdown if your timezone is different from the main system's timezone
  • Ad breakdown report for a zone does not include directly-selected ad stats (see Scenario #1)
  • Zone/campaign breakdown report for a publisher/advertiser can be different from the Total tab if the same ad is linked to multiple zones/campaigns (see Scenario #2)
  • Ad breakdown report for a zone only includes currently linked ads. If an ad was unlinked/removed from the zone, the total from ad breakdown report can be lower than the zone's total
  • Entities of certain status are set to be excluded from the breakdown report

Scenario 1: Directly-Selected Ad Stats

If an ad links to multiple zones, impressions, clicks and other performance metrics for this ad in each zone are recorded separately. For example:
  • Ad A is being served in zone X and zone Y
  • Ad A has 400 views in X, 300 views in Y and 200 by itself (direct, static, non-rotation ad serving) for a total of 900 impressions
  • When you view a report for zone X, the breakdown stats would include 400 impressions for ad A
  • Similarly, the breakdown report for zone Y would only include 300 views for A
  • The 200 impressions ad A served directly would not be included in any zone stats. It would be only included when you view stats for ad A directly, which would show 900 impressions in total.

Scenario 2: Same Ad links to Multiple Zones or Campaigns

If the same ad links to multiple zones/campaigns, its stats would be included in stats for each zone/campaign individually. Therefore, the last-row/combined value of all zones/campaigns can be greater than the number under Total tab. This example uses Campaign but the same example also applies to Zone:
  • Ad A links to both campaign X and campaign Y
  • Ad B links to only campaign X
  • Ad C links to only campaign Y
  • Ad A has 1000 impressions, ad B has 700 impressions, ad C has 300 impressions
  • When you view the "Campaign Impressions" breakdown, Campaign X shows 1700 impressions (A and B), Campaigns Y shows 1300 impressions (A and C)
  • The last-row/combined value is 3000 impressions while the total of three ads is 2000 impressions. Therefore, to avoid confusion, you would need to make sure ads link to the right zones/campaigns and do not overlap unnecessarily.

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