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Publishers operate websites, blogs, newsletters, mobile apps, mobile games and any online properties that attract viewers. Publishers generate revenue from selling ad inventory/space to advertisers. Publishers use adservers to manage ads and serve ads to their viewers.


A publisher may have multiple Ads, Zones, Groups, Channels, and Advertisers

Create an account for your advertiser

Publishers can open user accounts for advertisers to check ad performance reports directly.
  • Sign into your account, follow the menu Advertisers/ Add a new Advertiser, fill in details about the advertiser and submit the form.
  • A welcome message will be sent to your advertiser. The message will be formatted as if it comes from you, the inviting publisher's email address.
  • The publisher will also receive a copy of this welcome message.
  • Once your advertiser signs in for the first time, the publisher will see the status button in the advertiser listing turn to green from gray.

Both the publisher and the advertiser can edit the advertiser's contact information unless the advertiser specifically disables the publisher's editing right. Password can be changed only by the advertiser.

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