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Zone Targeting and Campaign Targeting

In additional to putting restrictions on any individual ad, you can put restrictions on any zone or campaign. Restrictions for ad, zone, and campaign are considered in that order. For example, the evaluation process for an example of ad A linked to zone Y,Z and Campaign C,D:
  • Restrictions for ad A are evaluated first
  • If this is in a zone serving code (choose ads from zone Y), the restrictions for zone Y will be evaluated next
  • If this is the direct serving code only for ad A, no zone restriction will be considered
  • Last, the system will evaluate all parent campaigns for ad A, meaning restrictions for campaign C and D will be evaluated
  • At any step the evaluation fails, the system will skip this ad and look at another ad in the rotation

Examples for zone/campaign restrictions

  • Campaign ABC has a maximum limit of 10,000 impressions per month sharing between several linked ads
  • Zone XYZ targets Mac users, i.e. visitors using the operating system "Mac OS", so that you don't need to put the same restriction for each ad linked to this zone

View all Restrictions

For a convenient view that lists all common restrictions and targeting criteria, you can access the summary page from the main menu "Tools / Targeting Summary"

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