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Ad Tag and Serving Code

Rotating Multiple Ads or Serving One Specific Ad

You can choose between two types of rotation: rotate multiple ads within a zone or serve one specific ad all the time. Learn More

Reloading Ads Automatically without a Page Reload

You can set the ads to refresh automatically without any visitor's action. Learn More

Spot Number for Non-Duplicate Ads

To avoid duplicate ads on the same pages, you would need to assign each ad placements with a unique spot number. Learn More

Serving Multiple Ad Dimensions with a Single Ad Tag

When you generate the serving code, you can choose to serve a specific ad dimension (eg: 468x60), any ad dimension in a zone, or a mix of ad dimensions (eg: 120x600 and 160x600 ads on the right/left side). Learn More

Mixing Ads within a Single Ad Placement

In additional to mixing different ad sizes, you can combine multiple ads together to fit an area in the web layout. For example, one 120x600 ad, two 120x300 ads, or four text link ads in one placement. Learn More

Serving Multiple Zones with a Single Server Request

If you serve multiple zones on the same page and want the best performance, instead of making multiple requests to our ad server, this method requires only a single call to our server to get all ads and then displays on the page where they are needed. Learn More

Embedded/In-Page Ads, Pop-up, Pop-under, and Interstitial Ads

Our ad server can deliver in-page/embedded ads, pop-up/pop-under ads and interstitial ads. Each type of ad tag has some basic and advanced settings that you can customize to your specific needs. For example, pop-up/pop-under ads can be customized on how often they should be displayed, should the windows be re-sizable, have scroll bars or not, etc.

Custom and Pass-Along Ad Serving Parameters

In additional to the standard settings, you can apply custom settings that are specific to certain ad serving requirements. Advanced ad setup can pass along your own variables to the ad tag. Learn More

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Features of our ad server that display ads to your viewers, record ad metrics like impressions and clicks.

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