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What are different types of ad tag?

There are 2 types of ad tag: for each Zone and for each ad.

For a specific Zone

This ad tag will serve ads (also: rotate ads, shuffle ads, randomize ads) within this zone. To get this ad tag: click on a zone name, then click on the "Ad Tag" tab. You can specify the ad dimension(s) to be served. The default ad tag serves ads of any dimension in this zone. It means you can later add new ads into the zone and not have to worry about updating the ad tag. For example, it is useful for ads of similar dimensions such as 728x90 and 730x90.

For example: zone X has ad A & ad B. The ad tag for zone X will serve both ad A & ad B, and if you want to add a new ad into the rotation, just assign a new ad C to zone X and it will automatically be included.

However, if you have both 728x90 and 120x600 ads in this zone, they will be served together. To avoid mixing up drastically different dimensions that could break your web design, you should select specific ad dimension(s).

In addition to the basic settings, you can also set up other settings under the Advanced Settings for a zone's ad tag such as:

For a specific Ad

This ad tag will only show this particular ad. To get this ad tag: click on an ad name, then click on the Serving tab. Besides basic settings, you can also set up other settings under the Advanced Settings for an ad such as:

For accuracy in reporting, all impressions and clicks recorded by an ad tag for a specific ad will not be associated with any zone. For example: the ad tag for ad A will always serve ad A and nothing else. If ad A is disabled/restricted then an error message will be displayed.

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