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How do I switch to secure SSL/https ad serving?

If your site is moving from regular HTTP to SSL/HTTPS, all components and URLs, including ads, should also be switched to SSL/HTTPS to avoid mixed content. Mixing content is considered partially encrypted and it could show as warnings in your visitor's browsers. For your ads, switching from the non-secure ad tag to the secure ad tag involves two steps:
  1. Change all references of existing ad tags on your site from to
  2. Change all ad URLs (including ad image URLs, third-party JavaScript/Iframe URLs) in your account that are not secure to the corresponding secure version


  • If you have many ads in your account with a very similar URL pattern that need to be switched to SSL/HTTPS, we can help converting them in bulk from our back-end system. If it is one simple pattern, there will be no charge. If it's more complex, there will be a small cost for our time. Please contact us for an estimate.
  • If you still use both non-secure site and secure site, you can use auto switching protocol URL.
  • If you have white label or private brand for the ad serving domain, please contact us for information about buying and installing your own SSL certificate onto our ad servers.

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