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Where is the publisher-side file for iframe busting?

If the publisher serves ads via an iframe-based invocation code, an expandable ad would not be able to "jump" out of the frame by default. To solve this problem, the publisher would need to upload to their website a special file, called the publisher-side file. This file should be hosted on the same domain as the main content pages.


To use the iframe-busting script, you would need to:
  • Sign into your account and follow menu Tools / Wizards
  • Click on tab "Ad Tag Wizards" and click on link "Download publisher-side file for iframe-busting feature"
  • Place it into the same domain as the content pages
  • Update the serving code to use the correct iframe-busting method: do=ifbJS for JavaScript inclusion or do=ifbIframe for iFrame inclusion
  • Update the serving code to notify our ad server on the location of the publisher-side file: pubsidetoken=xxx&pubside=


This feature might not be compatible with all rich-media ads. We strongly recommend creating a test ad before going live. Please report unexpected issues to our technical team via the ticket system

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