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How can I convert a Flash ad into HTML5 for iPhone/iPad?

Flash/SWF support is on the decline. Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) do not support Flash. Google Chrome browser displays a Play button instead of auto-playing or showing the Flash/SWF ad. Therefore, if you want to have the same interactive content on different devices, you can convert the existing SWF file to HTML5 or create the animated/interactive ad in HTML5 using direct JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 or with tools like: Adobe Edge or CreateJS.

Option 1: Convert and Create a Rich-Media HTML5 ad

This option displays the ad as a HTML5 ad and does not require Flash player to be installed in the viewer's browser.
  • Convert the existing SWF file to HTML5 using Google Swiffy or Adobe Wallaby
  • Save the result as a HTML file and upload it to your website
  • Make sure the HTML5 result preview properly in your browsers. Check animation, interaction, click buttons, etc.
  • Create an ad in AdSpeed ad server and use an IFRAME tag to point to the that HTML5 page.
    <iframe src="..." width="300" height="250" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true" hspace="0" vspace="0"></iframe>
    Alternatively, if the ad code (HTML/JS) is not too big, you can enter it directly into the ad text/code box when you create the HTML ad.

Option 2: Set HTML5 as a backup for a Flash ad

This option displays the Flash/SWF ad on devices with Flash enabled and displays the HTML5 ad via an Iframe on devices without Flash.