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Ad Types

We supports all popular ad types including regular image banners, Flash ads, rich media ads, 3rd party ad tags, text-links. There are some of the ad types in our system:

1. Normal/External Ads

Normal/External ads are image files such as GIF (animated and non-animated), JPEG, PNG, BMP and SWF Flash files. They are hosted on external web servers. There are 2 required elements for this ad type: Image/Media URL and Destination/Click URL. The first URL points to the media file on your webserver and the second URL redirects to the specified web address (or send an email, or you can make this ad not clickable) when visitors click on the ad.

2. Fast Delivery Ads

Similar to the above type but Fast Delivery ads are uploaded directly to our file servers instead of hosting on your web server. This saves your bandwidth and takes advantage of our global network of ad servers.

3. Rich-Media Ads

Rich-Media ads can serve advanced features through HTML code. This type of ad can have images, text, forms, complex tables. Additionally, HTML ad can serve ads from third-party ad servers, or ads from ad networks (DoubleClick, Atlas, Google AdSense, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.)

4. Text-Link Ads

The system can serve and track text links. Text links have the first line as a hyperlink and additional lines as ad descriptions.

5. Video Ads

Video ads can be served with any VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) compliant video player. Learn more

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