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Video Ad Serving

video advertising AdSpeed's Video Ad Server uses the IAB standard for video advertising known as VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) so video ad serving can be used with any video player that supports VAST. You can find the list of several VAST-compliant video players below.


Video ad serving is included in all of our Premium plans at no extra charge. All ad impressions are counted and priced the same way, whether it is a video ad, a banner ad, a text ad, or any other ad format we support. This makes AdSpeed a great platform for your video ad serving, ad management, and ad tracking needs.


Video Ad Serving Demo

Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll Video Ad

You can create a linear video ad with a few simple steps:
  • Follow menu "Ads / Create a new Video Ad"
  • Choose "Upload VAST video ad" if you have a video ad file
  • Choose "Video URL" if you already uploaded the file and has its URL
  • Enter your video file or URL, enter the click destination URL
  • Save the ad
  • Link this ad to a zone or click on tab "Ad Tag" for instructions to integrate with your VAST video player

VAST Wrapper

Our video ad server can serve third-party video ads using a VAST wrapper. You simply choose "VAST Wrapper URL" as the video ad type and enter the provided third-party VAST link.

To maximize revenue, you can rotate multiple regular video ads together with third-party wrapper ads within a single video zone. Our video adserver will provide the primary VAST link that you can put into your video player. For this functionality to work, please make sure your video player supports VAST Wrapper (version 2+).

Roku Advertising Integration

Roku is a popular streaming platform. It allows you to create your own video channel and use your own video ad server to display ads from your own advertisers and from other third-party sources. Learn more about running your own Roku ad server

Custom XML

If you have multiple video ads with different bit rates, stream rates and resolutions then you can specify these files using the option "Custom VAST MediaFiles XML" Learn more


Our video ad server supports VMAP, Video Multiple Ad Playlist. VMAP enables you to control the timing and scheduling of your VAST video ads with ad breaks. Learn more


Our video ad server supports VPAID. Instead of the regular video ad file, you would enter the URL of the VPAID-enabled SWF or JavaScript file.

Non-Linear Ad or Overlay Ad

A non-linear ad, or an overlay ad, displays near the bottom while the main video is playing. You can get the non-linear/overlay VAST URL for an image ad or zone.
  • Click on an ad name or a zone name
  • Click on tab "Ad Tag"
  • Click on tab "Video Overlay" to get the VAST URL to embed into your video player

Companion Ad

A Companion ad runs along with a video ad (pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll) to provide a more integrated experience for viewers. Learn More


Video events are recorded and reports are available from the menu "Reports/Event". Impressions and clicks are available in the Basics report. Progress tracking (start, first quartile, mid-point, third quartile, complete) and other user actions (pause, resume, full-screen, mute, unmute) are available from the Event reports. A gross count of ad requests can be enabled to compare played/viewed video ads and served ad requests.

Mixing Video Ads with Non-Video Ads

If you want to mix video ads together with image ads inside a standard banner placement, you can create a composite Rich-Media ad. This composite ad contains the embedded video player code with the VAST ad call. You can then link it to the same zone as other display ads. Also, if you want a stand-alone video ad, you can create it as a Rich-Media/HTML ad. Learn more

Server-side Ad Stitching

Instead of having the client's video player request the VAST tag directly, which can be stopped by ad blocker, you can have the video server make the request behind-the-scene instead. It is called Server-side Ad Insertion (SSAI). It then stitches or embeds the video ads directly into the final video stream. Amazon AWS MediaTailor is a popular server-side service. When making the VAST request from the server, [session.client_ip] can be used for geo-targeting.

Ad Pod

VAST 3.0 and newer supports running multiple ads in sequence within an ad break. You can:
  • Get multiple ads from a zone. This example gets 2 ads from zone 12345: vastver=3&zid=12345&num=2
  • Get multiple ads from multiple zones. This example gets 2 ads from zone 12345 and one ad from zone 67890: vastver=3&zids=12345x2-67890. Notice in this case, it is zids instead of zid.
  • Enable ad buffet feature to allow the video player to display the result ads in any suitable order of its choice and not in the specified sequence. Example: vastver=3&zids=12345x2-67890&buffet=1
  • Set a maximum duration for the ad pods. Example: zids=12345x2&dur=50
  • will get 2 ads with a combined duration up to 50 seconds
  • Set a maximum number of ads returned for the ad pods. Example: zids=12345x2-67890x3&maxad=3
  • will return up to 3 ads

VAST-Compliant Video Player

These are some video players that support VAST for video ad serving: VideoJS, JWPlayer, Fluid Player, FlowPlayer, MediaElementJS, Roku Ad Framework, Amazon Fire, etc.

Sample Video Ads

Below are some sample MP4 video ads for testing and troubleshooting:

Other Settings

  • You can choose to display a logo/icon on the video ads


  • VAST error codes
  • If you hear sound but no video for a MP4 file, please make sure it has the right video codec. You might need to convert the codec/encoding to H.264
  • If you see video but no sound for a MP4 file, please make sure it has the right audio codec. You might need to convert the codec/encoding to AAC

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