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Rich-Media Ads

Rich-Media ad format provides the most flexible option to create your ad. Rich-Media ads can serve advanced features through HTML, JavaScript, CSS. This type of ad can have images, text, forms, complex tables. Additionally, it can accept third-party ad tags from authorized third-party ad servers and ad networks. For example: DoubleClick, DCM, Sizmek, Oath, Google AdSense, Commission Junction, LinkShare, etc.

Create a Rich-Media ad

  • Click on the menu Ads/Create a New Ad
  • Choose the ad type Rich-Media Ad (HTML Code)
  • Paste your full HTML code into the text box
  • Set the ad width and height in pixels
  • Adjust other applicable settings and click Save button

Click Tracking

A click macro is often needed to track clicks for a Rich-Media ad. Learn more

Rich-Media Ad Templates

Below are some of the ad templates you can use to create your own Rich-Media ad. You can customize these templates and also use your own HTML code.

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