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Click to a new or same window

The HTML target attribute determines whether to open a link in a blank new window, the current window, or a user-defined window when the ad is clicked.

Priority as an Ad Setting or a Serving Code Setting

You can specify this target attribute both in the serving code and for each individual ad. If the ad has a target setting, this value has a higher priority than the target setting in the serving code. For example: the serving code sets _top but ad A sets _blank, _blank will be used. Otherwise (if ad does not specify any target), the target in the serving code will be used.

Possible Values

This HTML attribute has four predefined values (starts with an underscore and should be in all lower-case letters). You can also target your own custom window/frame by specifying its name.
  • _blank - open in a new window
  • _parent - open in the parent window
  • _self - open in same window/frame, same as if you don't specify it
  • _top - open in the topmost window/frame
Custom Value
  • MyFrame - open in the custom frame named MyFrame

HTML Example

In the following HTML code, the click will open a new window:
<a href="" target="_blank">Text Ad Link</a>

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