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How fast does it take to serve one ad?

Extremely fast! Each ad is served within milliseconds. On average, our ad server selects, serves and tracks an ad impression at a blazing speed of 0.01 seconds.

Performance Factors

The rest is the time to download any media/image file to your visitor's computer. This load time depends on the web host for these ad media/image files and the visitor's Internet connection. If the file is hosted on our edge ad servers, the nearest server will be the delivery point for the lowest network latency. All of our servers are connected directly to major Internet bandwidth providers with high network throughput for the fastest file delivery.

If you host the ad files on your own web servers, please make sure this server has enough high-quality bandwidth and has the appropriate web server software for serving many static files instantly. A slow/overloaded server can negatively affect user experience with your website.

Knowing your visitors and their Internet speed is also very important. A broadband visitor can load a content page with all ads under a second. On the other hand, for a dial-up visitor, a video or graphic-intensive ad can take up to several minutes to download it all. You can use our ad targeting system to separate ads for these users.

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You can begin serving ads immediately after registering with our adserver. All ad changes become effective immediately. You can add a new plan or upgrade to a larger Premium plan at anytime.

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