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What is Overage Insurance?

We understand that traffic can be unpredictable and your impression usage might go up significantly during a traffic surge. With AdSpeed Ad Server, you do not have to worry about that. All of our Premium plans include an Overage Insurance for free of charge. This policy gives you the peace of mind knowing that your ads will not suffer an unexpected interruption during a traffic surge.

How It Works

If your website traffic suddenly and unexpectedly increases and this makes your usage goes over the monthly impression limit by less than 10%, your dashboard will show an alert message but ads will keep displaying on your website as usual. The ad engine will not stop serving ads for your account.

We will contact you to discuss an appropriate arrangement and any applicable charge. You can upgrade to a larger plan or purchase one-time impressions.

Your Contact Information

It is very important to keep your contact email address up-to-date and reply to our messages promptly to avoid any unwanted disruption to your service. If we cannot contact you after multiple attempts, we are forced to stop servicing your account.

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You can begin serving ads immediately after registering with our adserver. All ad changes become effective immediately. You can add a new plan or upgrade to a larger Premium plan at anytime.

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