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What are impression credits?

Each plan has a maximum number of impression credits. It means that you can display and track up to this number of gross impressions per month. An ad impression, also known as an ad view, or a gross impression, is a single instance of a single advertisement appearance. Our pricing is based on ad impressions because each ad impression consumes our system's resources almost equally from selecting and displaying to tracking an advertisement.

Usage Example

If your website has about 300,000 page views per month and each page has, on average, 3 ad placements, you will need about 900,000 monthly impressions credits (300,000 views * 3 ads per view = 900,000). Therefore, you should go with the Premium 1000 plan, which allows serving and tracking up to 1,000,000 monthly impressions.

Compare between Plans

To compare between plans, we use a reference CPM rate as a unit cost. CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions. This rate is computed by dividing the monthly plan cost by the number of impression credits allocated for that plan. For example: Premium 100 has 100,000 impression credits for $9.95. The cost per impression is $9.95/100,000 = $0.0000995 per impression. Therefore, the CPM rate is $0.0000995 * 1000 = $0.0995 per CPM. In other words, 9.95 cents per CPM.

Monthly Reset

The monthly usage is reset to zero at the beginning of every month and there is no rolling over of unused impressions. In order to provide you with a competitive rate, all plans already enjoy a bulk/volume discount when we set our pricing. Since we have no contract or long term commitment, you can always downgrade or upgrade your plan at anytime.

Best Value Pricing

You can compare our rate with other ad management solutions. You will see that AdSpeed Ad Server has one of the most competitive ad serving rates for the same quality of service.

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You can begin serving ads immediately after registering with our adserver. All ad changes become effective immediately. You can add a new plan or upgrade to a larger Premium plan at anytime.

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