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How can I get free ad serving?

If you are just starting out, have a small website, or just want to find a suitable ad serving solution, AdSpeed AdServer offers a basic plan that is free of charge. No credit card or payment information needed. This free ad serving and ad management solution has some limitations but it contains many features of a Premium plan.

Monthly Impression Credits

You can display up to 10,000 ad impressions per month. If your website generates more ad impressions, please upgrade to one of our Value plans, which is very affordable for small publishers.


A free account can only accommodate up to 10 ads and 10 zones and has limited technical support. API and other advanced functionalities are not available to this free plan. If you need to manage and serve more ads, please upgrade to a Premium plan, which starts at only $9.95 per month. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer with or without reason.


This plan does not have overage protection. If the monthly impression credit is used up, you need to upgrade to a Premium plan to avoid a service disruption.

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You can begin serving ads immediately after registering with our adserver. All ad changes become effective immediately. You can add a new plan or upgrade to a larger Premium plan at anytime.

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