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How can I avoid duplicate ads on the same page?

A single web page can have multiple advertising ad placements. For example, three 100x100 buttons display next to each other (top, middle, bottom). There are 2 methods to make sure an ad is not displayed twice on a single page:

Spot Number

When getting serving code for any zone, you can specify the spot number for that serving code. You can set the spot number so that they serve different ads or the same creative.
  • Different spot number for a different ad: If spot #1 already shows ad X then spot #2 will not show ad X again. It will show ad Y.
  • Same spot number for the same ad: If spot #1 on the top shows ad X, spot #1 placed at the bottom will also show ad X again.
Please see the following diagram for an example:


Spot feature can be slower if there are many ad placements on a page. In this case, you should use the single-request ad invocation code to load multiple zones in one trip, or set the number of ads to display together within a single zone's serving code.

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