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Why don't ads show? What is the system status?

If ads on your website suddenly stop showing, or are loading very slow, please read the following instructions.

Test Ads

The following ads are served with the same ad tag we provide to all publishers.

2nd ad tag:

Can you see or click on the ad above?

  • No, please continue to view the below instructions about cookie and networking issues.
  • Yes and I still cannot see ads on my site, please check the following items.

Ad Blockers

An ad blocking software, app, plugin, add-on, or extension will prevent advertising from loading. Learn more

Cookie Issue

If you see a timing out error message (eg: "Transferring data from ..." or "Waiting for ...") when viewing or clicking an ad, the necessary cookies might be blocked, modified by a security application (eg: firewall, anti-virus) on your computer. These applications prevent cookies created by our system, a valid and authenticated source, from working properly. Our system uses cookies to properly track impressions and clicks on your ads. Please visit this cookie test page and send the information back to us. Then please clear the browser's cookie & cache and try again.

Networking Issue

DNS servers for your local ISP could block access to our ad servers or they do not resolve the domain name to the correct IP addresses. To verify this problem, please follow the instructions on this DNS test page and visit this server cluster test page.

Media Files

Please make sure your media files (JPEG, GIF, SWF) are available and loading properly from your web host. You can check this by pasting the file URL directly into the browser.

3rd Party Ad Server

If the ad is served through another richmedia/3rd party ad, make sure the 3rd party ad server is responding properly. You can test this by placing the ad tag provided from the 3rd party ad server in a simple HTML file. Then try to view this HTML file in your browser.

Browser Issue

We have been reported that some Internet Explorer versions have an "over-sticky" caching policy, meaning that if it cannot get the page the first time, it does not retry for a long period. Another problem that could prevent ads from showing is that cache & cookies can become corrupted and it is best to start fresh by clearing the cache and cookie in your browser. If you have other browsers installed, you could try the same page again on another browser and see if the problem happens to different browsers. Popular browsers include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

Computer Issue

If you have access to other computers, you could try the same page again on another computer and see if this problem happens to different computers. Additionally, your computer can have a virus or spyware that modifies the web page you're trying to view. You should scan and removed infected files from your computer.

Email Newsletter

If you display an image ad in email and it does not show in a certain email client, the issue could be with the image format. It is recommended to view the same message in different email clients: Microsoft Outlook, Mac OS Mail, webmail. If the banner shows up properly on other clients but not all, you should try to upload another image. We have encountered an issue with Outlook not able to display certain JPG images while other email clients can display the same JPG images properly.

Technical Support

If none of these items applies to your situation then please open a ticket through our help desk and our technicians will investigate the problem immediately. Please provide details including descriptions and test pages.

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