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How do I troubleshoot my ISP's nameservers?

The DNS servers of your local Internet service provider can block access to our ad servers or they do not resolve our domain name to the correct IP addresses.

What is a Name Server?

Nameservers are used by ISPs (eg: Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner, AT&T, AOL, etc.) to map hostnames (eg: to IP addresses (eg: If a nameserver server has problems, users of these servers will experience connection problems to any/many websites. When this happens, visitors using another working nameserver would be able to access the websites normally.

Problem Identification

You can try to access a page via the hostname and the same page via the direct IP address. If you can access both files then your ISP's DNS servers are working properly. If you can see only the page via the direct IP address then you are having a DNS problem. Please continue with the verification process below.


To verify that your ISP nameservers are causing accessibility problems, you could ping our system or perform a nameserver lookup on Instructions:
  • Windows: Click on Start/Run and type cmd
  • Mac OS: Open Terminal application (Spotlight Search for "Terminal")
  • When the command-line window appears, type ping
  • To perform a lookup of hostname nslookup
  • To perform a trace route to our adserver traceroute
  • Open a technical support ticket and send us the results for further analysis


If the ping/nslookup results contain any error message or show some packet loss, you should contact your ISP and ask if they have or know of any issue with their nameservers or network. Or you can try to use another DNS server, like Google DNS or OpenDNS

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