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How do I troubleshoot "No Ad Found In Rotation" error?

If you see this error message, it means that there is no available ad in the rotation pool to display. If you are a visitor and see this message on a website, please contact the webmaster of that website. If you are the ad operator/manager, please see the following scenarios and solutions:

1. Ad Dimension Mismatch

The ad tag specifies 120x240 and the zone does not have any 120x240 ad. It could have other ad dimensions (eg: 120x120 or any other dimensions). As a solution, you could either: resize the ad image, modify the ad setting, or update the ad tag on your website so it includes the right dimension(s). You can serve multiple sizes with one single ad tag.

2. Serving an Empty Zone

The zone does not have any active ads. It could be that all ads in this zone have zero weight, were deactivated or deleted. To correct the issue, you should check the zone and make sure there is at least one active ad of the right dimension. You can setup a default/secondary zone, which will be used when an available ad cannot be found from the primary zone.

3. Duplicate Ad

If you use a single-ad-call approach to get ads from multiple zones together and the same ad is linked to multiple zones, this ad will only be included once in the first zone to avoid duplicate ads displaying on the same page. As a result, an "Ad Not Found" error might display if there is no other ad available in the second zone.

4. Inactive Account

If your account has been archived or suspended because of inactivity or a billing issue, your ad serving service is also deactivated. Please contact us immediately for a resolution.

Turn Off Error Messages

If you do not have an available ad and do not want visitors to see this error, you can turn off ad serving errors by checking "Hide errors" setting when generating the ad tag.

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