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How do I remove spyware and malware from my computer?

AdSpeed is an advertising service provider for online websites. Most of our clients are website owners who place ad banners on their own websites. It means you would see ads served by AdSpeed if you visit one of our client's websites. We do not make, sell, offer, or distribute any application that requires installation on your computer. Our service is only available online via a web browser.

If you suspect or experience some unusual behaviors with your computer, you should run a comprehensive security scan to make sure your computer is not infected. We have seen reports that some malicious spyware applications can replace regular ads on websites with their own ads. Also there are certain browser's add-ons and plugins that act as a partial ad blocker. The original ads are replaced with other contents (images, widgets, apps, or their own ads). Some of these plugins include: OverApps, Add-Art, PWS Toolbar.

Policy against Malware and Deceptive Advertising

We strongly believe there is a clear line between ethical and unethical advertising. If one of our clients uses AdSpeed to deliver ads in a spyware/adware application, that clearly violates our Terms of Service. We are strongly against all spyware and adware practices. We do our best to prevent these companies from using our service in the first place and we take every action promptly to protect your privacy and our own reputation.

Reporting Abuses

Please report these activities to us. If you send us the URL where you see any spyware ads served by AdSpeed, screen captures or any other details that can help us identify the violator, we will take proper actions promptly and personally update you with results.

Spyware Check and Removal

If you suspect your computer is infected, scan it with a reputable anti-virus and malware/spyware software. Comparison of antivirus software from Wikipedia

Spyware Prevention

It is very important to prevent spyware/adware from infecting your computer
  • Install the latest software updates for your operating system: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, or Linux
  • Update your anti-virus software and run a comprehensive scan regularly
  • Install a personal firewall on all computers
  • When seeing a Yes/No or any dialog box, read them carefully before proceeding. Many misleading ads are designed to be deceptive on purpose. You can also terminate the browser's running process using Task Manager or Force Quit
  • Do not download software and email attachments that you don't know
  • Routinely check and scan your computer for spyware, adware and other computer viruses

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