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How do I perform A/B split testing for ad variations?

To test different variations of the same ad, create new individual ads and link them to the same zone. You can compare their performance over time. For example, ad A1 and ad A2 both link to the same zone XYZ.

Control over Ad Delivery

There are several ways to control the delivery of the ad variations depending on your ad setup and requirements. You can:
  • add a quota restriction. For example: each ad sets at 1000 impressions/day, or
  • add a Share-of-Impression/Share-of-Voice (SoV) restriction. For example: ad A1 and ad A2 link to group A. A1 has a 50% SoV of group A, A2 has a 50% SoV of group A. This means the two ads have an equal amount of impressions

For a more advanced scenario, if you don't want the same visitor sees both ad variations, you can apply Audience Session targeting. A visitor then can only see A1 OR A2, not both. For example: ad A1 (example ID #123) and A2 (example ID #456).

  • Ad A1 #123 has this restriction: "viewed_ad!=456"
  • Ad A2 #456 has this restriction: "viewed_ad!=123"

Auto Ad Optimization

If you want our ad server to automatically give higher ad priority to better performing ad variant(s), you can turn on ad optimization for the ad(s). For example: ad variants with higher CTR or more clicks are displayed more often.

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