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Frequency Capping

You can limit the maximum number of impressions that a visitor can see an ad within a period of time. A special case of frequency capping is time capping. In addition to impression frequency capping, you can set a click frequency cap to limit a visitor from clicking on the ad too many times. This feature requires the use of a browser's cookie to keep track of the number of impressions. A cookieless option is available upon request.

Frequency Capping


3 views per visitor per 24-hour means that after viewing this ad 3 times, the visitor will not see it again for at least 24 hours.

Example - Time-Sensitive Coupon

If a supermarket ad features a coupon that can be used by the first 100 visitors in a day, the maximum number of impressions per visitor can be set to 1 to ensure the ad can reach 100 different visitors rather than serving multiple impressions of the coupon to the same visitor.

Zone/Group/Campaign Frequency Capping

An impression-based frequency cap restriction can be applied to any individual ad, a zone, a group or a campaign. For example: a campaign/group has 3 ads: A, B and C. The frequency capping for this campaign/group is 10 views per day. Once a visitor views any of the ads (A, B or C) 10 times, these 3 ads will not be displayed to this visitor until a day later.

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