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Target ads by visitor city, group of cities or within a radius

You can limit ad serving to visitors from a specific city, a group of cities, or within a radius of a city or coordinates.

For city targeting, you need to specify a country from the drop-down selection box and then type in the city name. For example: United States - Los Angeles. For multiple-city targeting, you can use the same restriction and separate each city with a comma. For example: United States - San Diego, San Francisco. You can add the state, province or region as an additional filter. For example: United States - Springfield (IL), Brentwood (California)

For targeting with a radius from latitude and longitude, you can enter the number of miles and a city with latitude and longitude. For your convenience, you can enter some character of a city name and the system will suggest matching cities and their geographical coordinates

Example - Local Business

A real estate agent covers Chicago area should set her ads to show only to people living in Chicago. This yields the most targeted audience and higher lead ratio.

Example - Local Event

A local community event target people within 20 miles of San Jose, California. Using a radius restriction allows you to target people from neighboring cities without entering all the cities like Campbell, Milpitas, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc.

Example - Travel Destination

An ad banner to attract travelers to Paris does not need to display to current Parisians. This ad should be set to display to people that are outside of Paris, from other countries, from other cities. Thus, the restriction is to hide from people living in Paris.

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