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Wizard for setting up restrictions

When you create a new ad, it's likely you need to set a flight date (start/end) and the maximum/target amount of impressions. To address these common cases, you can use the Restriction Wizard to quickly add several common restrictions for an ad. The wizard can be accessed by clicking on the "Restriction" tab of an ad.


These are some examples that can be used in the wizard:
  • Serve ad ABC from January 1 to December 31 with 20000 impressions
  • Serve ad DEF from May 10 to June 23 with 5500 impressions, distribute evenly for every day
  • Serve ad XYZ from August 3 to October 11, advertiser paid $650 at $5CPM, distribute evenly for every day

Daily Even Distribution

When you check the box to aim for an evenly amount every day, our system will add a daily quota restriction. This daily restriction has an Auto setting, which is different from the default Strict mode. Strict target value can only be changed by the user. Auto daily restriction has a target value that will be automatically calculated from the actual traffic pattern and available impressions for this ad. This target value will be adjusted by AdSpeed ad server frequently with the goal to reach the total quota on the end/last date. Due to the unpredictable nature of inventory (traffic pattern, other targeting criteria, competition from other ads), the daily number might not be strictly the same number every day but rather adjusted to reach the total number of impressions over the whole ad flight (between start and end date).


Ad is set to deliver in 10 days for 5000 total impressions. Evenly ad distribution means 500 impression per day. In the Strict mode, a fixed daily cap of 500 ad impressions per day is applied by the user. If the ad can only deliver 250 impressions on Sunday, its total will be under-delivered at the end of the period because of the static daily cap. On the other hand, in Auto mode, an initial daily cap of 500 will be applied as usual. However, if the ad is under-delivered on Sunday, the amount left will be compensated for the next day. It means the daily limit will be higher than 500 for the next day to compensate for the previous delivery. The adjustment is done automatically and frequently by the ad server to increase or decrease the daily limit with the goal to reach the total impression at the end of the month or flight date.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on this feature, please let us know.

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