How can retailers benefit from using an ad server?

shopping online You might think that retailers who maintain a brick-and-mortar presence might look to more traditional forms of advertising – flyers, radio, TV, etc. – when marketing their goods. Yes, they do use those advertising channels. However, more and more retailers are expanding their marketing budget to include digital and online advertising to get the word out. There are very specific reasons why they are making this move, most of which has to do with the ability to get more creative than other marketing methods. If you are a retailer and have not yet considered online advertising up to this point, then let us provide some reasons why you should include this form of marketing in your upcoming ad campaigns.

Multi-media showcasing

Retailers love showing off new products to their target audience, but you are somewhat limited in what you can do in other forms of marketing. When advertising online, it’s possible to create photos and how-to videos that really show off what a product has to offer. Video is huge nowadays, as consumers really seem to respond to seeing a product in action. The ability to add reviews and testimonials as they come in is also an added bonus and a huge selling point.

Real-time pricing

If you are really looking to move a product, displaying real-time pricing and availability is important. Changing the price of a product on the fly when you advertise online is easy to do when you have the right software and back-end systems in place to help. You can display local pricing, set a time limit on your sale price, create a time countdown to build a greater sense of urgency in potential buyers.

Audience targeting

This is where it is possible to get incredibly creative with online advertising. Targeting people based on their location using IP address or other location detection method is one of the most effective ways to segment your target market and deliver products that are specific to them. For example, you might target people who are traveling and on an airport’s network, delivering deals that drive them into your retail location at or near the airport. You can target people on the move with cellular IPs, at home with residential IPs or at work with business IP addresses.

Ads in email receipts

When people buy online, or even in-store, they now expect to receive a copy of their receipt via email. Rather than looking at this as a routine and boring email, you can use an email ad server to make these transactional messages an excellent way to advertise related products or services. You can add incentives into the email receipt that tempt the customer to come back to your store to shop again. This can be something as simple as 10% off their next purchase, or something similar.

Improving ROI with ad metrics

When you go through more traditional forms of advertising, such as flyers or brochures, it can be tough to get a true idea of how well a campaign really performed with limited data. That is not the case with serving online ads via an ad server, though, as there are more metrics and in-depth reports available. You have access to all kinds of data that can help you create more effective future campaigns that give you the biggest bang for your buck.


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