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  • Guidance on how to build an aesthetically pleasing website
    "In several of our blog articles, we have mentioned the importance of website aesthetics. A website that is attractive to the eye will have many positive effects such as: " More
  • How to design a good ad banner
    "Ad banners are the oldest and still one of the most popular forms of advertising that are used to promote products or services online. Because it is such a popular and proven option, all ad servers support banner ad format. " More
  • How to design a good ad banner (part 2)
    "Even though there are many newer ad formats, banner ad serving is still one of the most popular because it is simple and effective. In the previous part, we recommend keeping the banner ad simple with a clear headline, strong visuals and without using too many fonts. " More
  • Characteristics of an effective advertisement
    "Businesses big and small use advertising to get the word out about their products and services. Some campaigns tend to do better than others, very often because of the effectiveness of the ads being shown. " More
  • Top 5 things to consider before adding a new ad placement
    "Website owners are so keen to get another form of income on their site that they quickly turn to selling ad space and forget about the complexities that come with it. They may have ads that are a perfect complement to the content of their site, but they may not have the desired effect if they are placed in the wrong location. " More
  • Tips to optimize video ad serving
    "We have all heard the old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words, and if that is indeed the case, then you can only imagine the potential value of a video. There is a reason why advertisers are turning to video ad serving to lure in customers, and it all begins with getting a ton of valuable information out to customers in a way that is both informative and entertaining. " More
  • Elements of a good advertisement
    "Clearly, a good advertisement is one that generates many sales. Crafting a high impact ad is a challenging task to master. " More
  • Serving up a powerful video ad campaign
    "There is an old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words. You would have to say that this is especially true in this day and age. " More
  • Considerations for suitable ad placements
    "Ad placements are simply spaces available for ad serving. Advertisers often have specific preferences where their ads should appear. " More
  • Ad creative tips during a crisis
    "In times of crisis, the average person isn't really concerned about going out and buying the next greatest and latest product or service that’s out there. Instead, they are more concerned with making sure that their family is safe and that they have everything they need to safely navigate the crisis. " More
  • How to create an effective video advertisement
    "Online video advertising is not a new ad format. It’s been around for many years starting with TV commercials, moving billboards, and now expanding rapidly online. " More
  • Ad serving tips for more advertising conversions
    "The ultimate goal of every advertiser for their ads is to have many conversions. An advertising conversion is defined as a valuable action performed by the ad viewers. " More
  • Ad serving on mobile versus desktop
    "All successful publishers and advertisers understand the importance of displaying ads on both mobile devices and desktop computers because you want to reach the audience everywhere, at home, at work and on the move. Because they are different environments with their own characteristics, ad serving for each environment has its own unique approach in order to be effective. " More