How to design a good ad banner

ad design Ad banners are the oldest and still one of the most popular forms of advertising that are used to promote products or services online. Because it is such a popular and proven option, all ad servers support banner ad format. A good ad banner should be eye-catching, informative, and effective at driving traffic to the advertised website. Here are some tips for designing an effective ad banner:

Keep it simple

Ad banners should be simple and easy to understand. Because banner advertising is the oldest ad format, viewers are already very familiar with these ads on a page. They simply do not spend more than a second to read and understand what is on the banner. What do you want viewers to know or do within that one second glance? Therefore, it is important that ad designers use a concise, action-oriented language that instantly conveys the value proposition. Highlight the key benefit or feature in bold or a contrasting color. Whitespace, also known as negative space, is the empty space around the elements in the ad banner. If used effectively, whitespace gives the ad banner a clean and uncluttered look. Keep the banner as simple as possible yet still visually pleasing.

Write a clear headline

The headline is one of the most important elements of an ad banner, as it's the first thing people will see. Make sure to use a clear, attention-grabbing headline that conveys the main message of the ad. Think of it as an elevator pitch for your ad. Go easy on the technical jargon that might confuse your audience. Avoid click-bait headlines as they are perceived negatively and are not a sustainable way of advertising over the long term. Focus on what's in it for the viewer. What problem do you solve or what desire do you fulfill?

Avoid using too many fonts

Using too many different fonts can make an ad banner look cluttered and confusing. With multiple fonts vying for viewer’s attention, the text can become visually overwhelming and difficult to read, especially on smaller screens. It is better to stick to just one or two fonts to keep the design clean and easy to read. Using a limited number of fonts allows you to create a clear visual hierarchy in your design. Different sizes, weights, and styles of the chosen font help emphasize key information and guide the viewer's eye. A consistent font choice reinforces brand recognition and recall. Viewers are more likely to remember your ad if they associate it with a distinct and memorable typographic style.

Use strong visuals

A good candidate for banner ad serving should have attractive visual elements that grab the attention of the viewers. Use high-quality images and choose colors that stand out but not too flashing. Animated ads with high frame rate can be upsetting and annoying. Negative reactions to the ad do not just stay with the ad. It also affects the advertiser and publisher negatively because viewers who hate the ad might also dislike the site that it is displayed on.

Part 2 - Brand identity, relevance, call-to-action, A/B testing, mobile optimization, ad specs and update

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