Tips to make your online ads more effective

ad design There is a great opportunity to earn money by running ads on your website. However, if you believe that slapping on a couple of banners and hoping for the best will work then you really need to rethink how you are doing things. Besides using ads that are relevant to your niche and to the people who visit your website, there are some other things to consider. We have come up with 5 things that you should be doing with every ad that you place on your site. Follow these 5 tips and we are sure that you and your advertisers will be very happy with the results.

Ensure that ads load quickly

People nowadays expect things to move quickly on the internet, so if you are running ads that slow down the overall performance of your site, people are going to move on before the pages have fully loaded. Every time you place an ad, test to see if it has any type of negative impact on loading speed. There are plenty of resources and tools online that can test the loading speed of your website. A general rule of thumb is to use a fast ad server, shorten the path between publishers and advertisers with few middlemen and minimize the number of calls needed to serve an ad.

Place ads at the right places

The whole idea of ads is to have them look as though they are an organic part of the overall website. If you have a large banner sitting right in the middle of the home page, that could well be intrusive and be a turn-off for your visitors. Similarly, making the ad a little too discrete can mean that people don’t see it at all. The goal here is to find the perfect balance, which means making ads visible, but not to the point that they become an annoying distraction.

Add a clear call to action

The best, most effective, ads are the ones that grab the attention of the website visitors, while also making it perfectly clear what viewers need to do next. It may be as simple as a click or inputting an email address, but whatever the case, every ad that appears on your site should include a clear call-to-action that lets everyone know how to proceed if they are interested in what the ad is selling.

Steer clear of flashy ads

You would think that flashy animated ads would be more successful than a simple regular banner, but the opposite is very often the truth. Nothing drives a person off a website faster than a flashy in-your-face ad that totally serves as a distraction from everything else on the website. Rather than holding the advertiser responsible, visitors could blame you and may choose not to return to your site in the future if you continue to have ads that bring them a panic attack.

Make ads easy to read

It seems totally obvious, yet advertisers very often make the mistake of making their ads difficult to read. Very often, it’s animation or flashy displays that cause this issue, but it could also be an improper use of color combinations or fonts that make the ad impossible to understand. Every ad should be easy on the eyes and easy to understand. Make sure you use a designer that has experience with web advertising to avoid these design flaws.


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