Serving ads during the holidays

holidays wine glass The holiday season can be a busy and lucrative time for businesses because it is an important time for advertisers to reach their target audiences. People are in the mood for shopping and they know there are plenty of deals and promotions. Basically, people are a bit more receptive than normal to advertising during this time because they want to find a good deal. Seeing and clicking on an ad might very well be the lead that sends them to the order page. Here are a few ad serving tips to help advertisers maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns during the holiday season:

Plan ahead

One of the most important things for advertisers to do for the holiday season is to plan ahead. Holidays are known far in advance and a similar traffic and buying pattern often repeats every year so it is important to work out the details before the holidays arrive. This includes familiarizing yourself with your ad server, setting advertising budgets, identifying target audiences, and determining which ad formats and placements will be most effective. By planning ahead, advertisers can ensure that they are ready to launch their campaigns quickly and take advantage of the increased traffic and demand that often occurs during the holiday season. Write down the tasks and workflow so that you can save time in the future or maybe use that document to train or outsource to another person. After each season, take some time to learn what you did right and what you can improve for the next campaign.

Use holiday-themed ads

This is the time to celebrate so your ads have to convey that cheerful mood. Using holiday-themed ads can be an effective way to engage with users and stand out during the holiday season. This can include using holiday-themed images, slogans, or other creative elements to make ads more relevant, more fun and appealing to users.

Target ads effectively

Applying the correct ad targeting and restriction criteria is always important, but it can be especially so during the holiday season when users may be more receptive to certain types of ads. Advertisers can use targeting options such as geo-targeting, interests, contextual and demographics to reach users who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

Use video advertising

Video ads can be especially effective during the holiday season, as they can capture users' attention and convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Advertisers can use video ad serving to showcase their products or services, highlight holiday promotions, or create engaging and memorable ad experiences for users.

Optimize ad placements

Ad optimization can help advertisers to ensure that their ads are seen by users and maximize clicks and conversions. This can include testing multiple ad placements and tracking the performance of campaigns to find the most effective locations for ads.

By planning ahead, using holiday-themed ads, targeting effectively, using video ads, and optimizing ad placements, advertisers can drive better results and make the most of their advertising efforts during the holiday season.

Posted in Ad Strategies by Watson F December 21, 2022


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