Five benefits of video ad serving for your online magazine

video marketing When you have an online publication or magazine, it is perfectly natural that you keep looking for alternate ways to make money and at the same time, your visitors and customers can appreciate.

While most people tend to think only about regular banner ads, the truth is that you should definitely consider serving video ads on your site. But why? Should display advertising convert the same way as video advertising? The straight answer is no. To prove to you that it's not the same thing and you should consider video ad serving for your online publication or magazine, here are the main benefits that this approach can bring you:

People love videos

If you ask someone if they prefer to look at a text ad or if they prefer to watch a video ad, almost all will say they prefer the video advertisement. In case you have any doubts, just think of YouTube and its success. The truth is that an image is worth more than a thousand words and a visual video is definitely worth more than any image. Visitors to your site will enjoy the video ads if they are placed at suitable ad placements.

More options for your advertisers

No matter if you are in the industry for a long time or if you just launched your online publication or magazine, you probably already know that the more options your advertisers have the better. This means that you'll be able to attract more advertisers which will potentially increase your ad revenue. Your existing display-only advertisers might also want to expand their reach to video ads if you offer it and that is one easy way to retain those advertisers.

Popular on mobile devices

While in the old days displaying videos on mobile devices could be a problem due to slow Internet connection and limited phone capability, this is no longer the case. The truth is that without too much effort you can have your videos displaying perfectly on mobile devices as you have them displaying on desktops.

Video as a premium ad format

In case your online publication or magazine have already established for some time with existing advertisers, giving them the option to serve video ads may allow you to earn even more. If you think about it, displaying a video within your online publication or magazine is a lot more appealing to some advertisers than simply displaying a text ad. So, it is considered a premium advertising option and they will be willing to pay you more for it.

Promotional videos for other services

The main goal may be to earn more from advertisers but you can also use the same space dedicated to video ads for other videos showing your different services or products or streaming industry-related news. This way, you also make the site more interactive and useful for your audience and that is a win-win setup.
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