Benefits of online video advertising over traditional TV advertising

video advertising Video has always been a great way to advertise your products or services. However, TV spots are often out of reach for small businesses looking to get a significant media exposure. The internet has changed that in a big way as smaller companies can now quickly get slick looking videos up online, and have them seen by a lot of people in a very short period. Some bigger companies and media buyers are starting to steer away from TV in favor of advertising on the small screens. There are many reasons why this is a good move. Let’s look at 5 convincing arguments for online video advertising:

More Affordable

Getting an ad on TV is not cheap, especially if you are looking to reach a lot of people at prime time. There isn’t just the cost of producing the video to consider, you must pay the TV stations for your advertising spots. Getting an ad on prime time has the best reach. However, the prices being asked for those spots are astronomical. On the other side, high quality recording equipment is more affordable than ever, and there are many free and low-cost editing tools available online that help you get the video ad look professional but still on a budget. You can then show and target the video ads on individual publisher’s websites and on video ad networks. Having more options and channels helps online video ad rates stay very competitive.

More Targeting Options

Advertising on TV is a lot like throwing everything at the wall and waiting to see what sticks. It’s almost impossible to specifically target a specific audience as the demographics are changing dramatically, you can never really tell when they will be watching. With online video advertising, you can set up ad serving in a way that will ensure that your ads are shown on demand and on sites that are relevant to what you are selling.

Better Reporting Metrics

With a TV spot, you do not have a clear idea of how many people saw the ad, or what their reaction was upon viewing it. With online video ads, you have access to all sorts of metrics beyond just the number of views. Using a good video ad server, you know when and where they watched it, and you can even tell how many people watched the video to the end, paused, or stopped halfway through. Additional metrics include ad clicks and purchases resulted directly from these clicks.

More Screens

Your only hope of reaching people when you advertise on TV is if they are in front of the TV when the ad plays. With online advertising, you have access to many more screens, as people can see them on the go by using their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and also on smart TVs.

Easier Sales Conversion

After watching a traditional ad on TV, a viewer would need to call the toll free numbers or open their computer to go online in order to know more about the deal or the offer. Thus, this process requires at least two different devices and needs more effort from the viewers. For online ads, links can be added to the video that allows the viewers to go to the website for more information or even directly to a sales page where they can buy on the same device that they used to view the ad. The ability to immediately convert a lead to a sale with online video ads is something that cannot be ignored.
Posted in Video Ad Server AdServer for Advertiser December 05, 2016


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