Ad serving predictions after the 2020 pandemic

crystal ball It’s safe to say that 2020 has been one of the worst years in modern history, with the COVID-19 pandemic sitting at the top of a rather nasty list of events. It’s hard to find good news these days, but we do have a glimmer of hope brewing, as it appears that several highly effective vaccines will soon be made available, likely to those who need it the most first. The question now is what life will look like once we return to the life that we used to know. It’s tough to say for sure, but it is likely that some of the things that changed during the pandemic will remain in the years to come. That includes certain aspects of online ad serving. Listed below are our predictions for the near future when we return to a more normal way of life.

More e-commerce

Businesses that did not have much of an online presence were very quickly forced to adapt to the new normal during this pandemic. In order to stay afloat and keep the business moving forward, shopping and services were moved online, as was much of the traditional advertising. It was not just that stores were not able to open or were able to open with a reduced capacity. It was that many consumers were content to stay at home and enjoy things to come to them instead. During the pandemic, consumers are trying to avoid public places and social-distancing is taking root across the globe. However, this trend is going to be around even after the pandemic. E-commerce was already growing each year, but it took a massive leap forward in 2020 and there is no going back.

More online services and activities

During these past few months, you have probably all noticed a shift away from the physical to the online digital world. Some ideas and concepts that were ridiculous pre-pandemic are now acceptable. Even activities that are traditionally performed offline, such as exercising, can now be performed in your own home with an Internet-connected treadmill or stationary bike together with online group exercise classes. In the near future, people are still going to be nervous for quite some time even after effective vaccines are widely available and infection rates are lower. Therefore, it is safe to say that the trend for online services and activities is likely to endure.

Increased automation

One thing that we have seen during the pandemic is a severe reduction in the amount of social interaction, thanks in large part to social distancing. We are going to see a lot of businesses adopt automated processes that help reduce physical contact within their stores, buildings or facilities. Anything can be done online will likely go online, especially for routine and repetitive activities like booking appointments or checking in. In general, we can expect many processes to become quicker and easier through automation. Social interactions will be concentrated in more personal and less routine business activities such as customer services, sales, consultations, etc.

A focus on cleanliness

Businesses already go to great lengths to talk about their customer service when they run ads. In the future, we will see more focus on the cleanliness and safety procedures that they employ to keep customers and staff feeling secure and safe. We are also going to see more advertisements for cleaning supplies as people carry over that level of cleanliness into their homes and workplaces.

In-home services and activities

People are going to be reluctant to venture out of the house for a while even after things begin to return to normal. Expect to see more ads for services and activities that can be done at home. Things like home gyms, home theaters, or home offices are in demand because people see them as a way to do the things they normally do but still be able to avoid the crowd. Activities related to home cooking, home improvements, home organizing, or home remodeling are likely to remain popular in the near future.


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