What does an online ad designer/copywriter do?

For individuals involved with online marketing, ad designers and copywriters are regularly used to maximize the impact of their ad campaigns. Without ad designers and copywriters, it would be very difficult for online advertising to function properly and effectively. Setting up an advertising campaign takes real professional help. Ad designers and copywriters will work with ad servers and other marketing companies to actually design the online advertisements and promotional writing that will work to convert new sales.

An advertising designer will have to spend time with photo manipulation, graphical software, and also might need to learn various programming languages. Nowadays, an ad creative can take many different formats, from a simple image banner to a fully user-interactive advertisement. An ad designer uses the text that a copywriter produces to bring to life a visually attractive creative. This means implementing the text as well as any additional graphical components into a professional format that will display properly across different screen resolutions, different devices, and different locations such as sidebars, below post headings, within text articles and even in e-mail newsletters. Advertising designers will have to incorporate multiple web elements and in some cases will include video and animations to really attract the reader's eye. Advertising design is constantly changing. In order to attract new customers and increase conversion rates, designers have to get creative and produce something unique every time they go to work. Advertising designers are extremely creative people who are constantly seeking to bring new advertising ideas into ads that generate large amounts of interest and sales for their clients.

Copywriters work hand-in-hand with online ad designers. Copywriters are the ones who are responsible for actually writing online advertising with language that works to convert new customers. It is a tough business and there are people that attend school simply to learn how to do it professionally for marketing purposes. Good copywriting will speak to its audience and instantly attract the reader, drawing them in and causing them to click on the advertisement to get more information. A copywriter needs to be extremely clever and careful with their words. Quite often, copywriters will struggle with the same sentences for hours until they are able to get them absolutely perfect. Some copywriters carry design skills that allow them to design their text into an advertisement. Others rely on professional advertising services to finalize the ad. In these instances, copywriters will send their information to the designers so that the finished advertisement can be created and laid out perfectly for web use. These two job positions support each other tightly and any advertiser knows that it is important to employ the best ad designer and the best copywriter for their ad campaigns to be truly successful.

July 06, 2015


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