How to choose a good advertising designer?

The right ad creative can bring more prospective clients to your website. A powerful and visual advertising campaign is an important source of sales leads because it sparks people’s curiosity and encourages them explore your products and services. Therefore, it pays to partner with a good ad designer.

First, you need to find an advertising designer or an ad production firm who shares your vision and understands your goals. This company should bring their knowledge, experience, and expertise to the table while paying close attention to your needs. Your preferred style and their style should be a good match. In order to know if the designer is the right choice, you need to view their portfolio, check their business background, see client references, and discuss your project with a knowledgeable sales representative or with the designer himself/herself. All agreements and deliverables should be in writing to ensure that all parties know their tasks and responsibilities.

Second, budgeting is critical to ensure you spend the right amount for the right advertisement. What you will find is that during this process, the cost of creating your content can run over budget and that you need to realistically consider it ahead of time. Depending on the type of ads that you want to create, there are many decisions, components and fees involved. Most people do not realize that as part of the production process, you have more than just a product photo shoot or a video session. There will be fees for editing, actors, photographers, videographers and a list of other people and tasks before the creative is complete. These costs can quickly add up, even if you offset them by using your own employees, stock photos and script.

Third, different ad production and design companies will also have different turn-around times. It is important that you plan well in advance if you are going to promote a special event or a time-sensitive deal. Last-minute creatives are often costly and in most cases, they cannot give you enough of a return on investment to justify the final cost. Additionally, a complex supply chain increases the chance of a cascading delay. For example, a delay in booking a photographer requires extending the schedule for photo editing. Therefore, when you meet with any company to handle your advertising, be sure you pay close attention to the estimated time frames and consider adding a few days for possible delays that you may encounter.

When it comes to your creative, you cannot afford to hire a design company that delivers a mediocre advertisement. This creative will be displayed to thousands, if not millions, of people. The cost of making an ad is only a small part of the whole advertising campaign, yet it is very important. Therefore, it is best to find a design company that has a proven track record in bringing thoughtful and creative ideas to reality in a timely matter.

June 16, 2013


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