Knowing your audience when serving ads

professionals There are several different elements that go into creating a successful advertising campaign, not all of which may be known to you at this point. It is all about understanding what does and does not work when serving an ad, and then being able to make changes on the fly in the ad server that can turn an underperforming campaign into one that delivers a positive ROI. At the top of the list of importance is knowing the advertising audience. You might have the most attractive ad in the world, but if it doesn’t speak to your target audience, it will not get the results you want. Therefore, it is important to understand that different people prioritize different factors when choosing something to buy. Let's take a look at some of those factors:

Value for money

The reality is that unless you are in some industry where there is zero competition, which probably does not exist, some consumers are going to be looking first at the price of your product or service and comparing it to your competition. If you are not the most affordable game in town, you might lose a lot of potential sales. For this group of audience, the goal here is not to lowball yourself out of business, but to offer the best-value proposition that is more appealing than your competitors.

Hard features

There is the possibility that the competition could beat you in price, but still fall short in the eyes of the consumer. For many people, it is all about what features come with the product that sway their decision when it comes time to buy. For example, let’s imagine that you are selling a piece of software, like an ad serving solution, that comes with an array of different features available at different price points. If you include more with your base software, you might get sales even though your price point is a little higher. Some people will feel that they are getting much more for their money if they are just willing to spend a little more.

Soft features

These are things outside of the price and the features that are appealing to consumers, especially in the world that we live in today. Consumers are now more aware than ever before about the social responsibility and corporate governance of the companies they choose to buy from. If your business is environmentally friendly or supportive of minority groups, that will go a long way with your audience. Additionally, social status and brand loyalty are very important to certain groups of people. In this case, you can emphasize what your brand represents and how it benefits the buyers in your ad serving activities.

Consumer experience

Some consumers value their experience with your product or service more than features or even pricing. They want to feel that they are getting something fresh, new, cool, special, unique, or fun when they spend their money. Yes, people often buy things for convenience that makes their lives easier, but some also like to have some luxury items and feel that they are living their life to the fullest. If your product or service is about that experience then make that the focus of your ad campaign.

Health and safety

This is something that has always been important to consumers, but it has become even more so in the last year and a half. People want products and services that improve their lives, and in the middle of a pandemic, there also has to be some health and safety elements included. This is something that is not likely to change once we return to normal. If your product can make people stay healthy or ensure the safety of your customers then make sure your ad presents a clear case for health and safety.


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