Five factors to consider when advertising luxury items

vip luxury One of the things that you quickly learn when advertising products and services is that no two things can really be marketed the same way. One form of advertising that delivers great results for one product may not work at all for another, which is why specific advertising strategies are needed for every single product. You can’t just consider the features of the product itself when putting a plan together, as you also need to think about what you need to do to appeal to your target audience. We have 5 specific factors to consider when serving ads for luxury items, so let’s look at those before you drop any money on a new campaign.


In order for something to be considered a luxury item, it needs to be very well made and not readily available to the masses. The whole point of purchasing a luxury item, at least for some buyers, is being able to own something that not a lot of other people have. For example, you can walk into any car showroom and purchase the mass production model of your choice, but if you want a Rolls Royce or an Italian sports car, you may need to get onto a waiting list. That is luxury and exclusivity in a nutshell.

High visibility

How often have you seen a celebrity sporting a luxury item of clothing or driving that high-end car and found yourself wishing you could have it? This is something that happens all the time, and it’s that delivery of desirability that you need to get across when you advertise luxury items. Owners of these things may not admit it, but they want other people to see what they have and be a little jealous.

Status and class

You often hear people talking about how clothes make the man. What they mean when they say that is that people automatically look at those dressed in expensive, tailored clothing as being highly successful, whether they really are or not. Luxury items are about status as much as they are about anything else, so be sure to talk about other people’s perception when you sell luxury items.

Potential appreciation

Not all luxury items are purchased for the mere purpose of showing off wealth. Many are in fact bought as an investment. If what you are selling potentially fits that bill, then it is something that should certainly be emphasized in all advertising materials. Collectible items fall into this category, especially those that can appreciate in value over time.

Quality customer service

A high level of customer service is expected when you are advertising luxury goods. While great service is always something that should be delivered, people who purchase luxury items expect you to go above and beyond what most of us consider to be normal. If you cannot deliver that type of personal care, do not think about advertising luxury items.


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