Five reasons consumers need online advertising

As much as people may complain about the internet being full of advertising, they cannot deny the fact that they are influenced by the things they see. If nobody paid attention to ads, they would disappear overnight, but the fact is that online advertising boosts leads, sales, and brand recognition among other things. That is why businesses are continually boosting their marketing budget and looking for new places to spread their message. Yet, you must wonder, why are people influenced by the ads they see online. Usually, the answer lies in the five reasons listed below:

Saving money

Many of the ads that appear online are often about deals and discounts. Often, such deals and discounts are exclusively available online making them attractive. Advertisers know that competition is fierce which is why they will try and lure consumers their way by offering their target market an irresistible deal. Everyone enjoys saving money and sometimes that means trying out a product from a new company or purchasing a product at a reduced price that they would not have bought otherwise.

Saving time

It used to be that stores where either online or bricks and mortar, but now the lines are becoming blurred. Most major retailers have an online shopping option, as well as their traditional store setting. This allows them to serve customers in areas where they may not have a store, as well as giving people the opportunity to shop around the clock from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, online shoppers do not have to waste time driving to a store, walking around the store to find the items they need, or making a line at the cash register. It is now very common to place an order online and have it shipped or pick up the item at a store.

Problem solving

The most effective ads, other than those that promise savings, are those that address a common problem experienced by the consumer. These can be ads for products or services that fill a gap in a specific industry or target a specific problem. For example, an advertisement about a new acne treatment cream certainly appeals to a person with acne problems who has been trying different creams to no avail. Businesses that are able to target such ads to the right audience always tend to do well, with their ads generating the highest click through and conversion rate.

Life improvement

If you ask the average person if there is anything they would like to change about their life, there are very few who would say that they are totally content. Many will say that they are looking for a career change, ways to make more money, while others will talk about how they would like to lose weight or look better. Ads that address these issues always do well, as they tend to play into the hopes and dreams of the people who click on them.


We all dream of new things that we probably can not afford, but that does not stop us from doing a little bit of window shopping. We may all be perfectly content with the current smartphone that we have, but put up an ad for a new one that has enhanced features and we can not help but look. Moreover, if the advertiser can combine a deal or discount with that desire, the combination may render the ad impossible to ignore.
September 18, 2014