Considerations for advertisers with in-app ad serving

mobile advertising As more and more people use their mobile phones for everything, advertisers understandingly expand the use of in-app advertisements to promote their products and services. In-app ad serving is a mechanism, through which a publisher monetizes its mobile app with advertising delivered via a mobile ad server. The app developer can earn an additional stream of revenue. In the process, the users enjoy many features of the app for free. However, depending on how the ad is placed, users might get annoyed with advertisements popping up inappropriately within the app. When this happens, it limits future earning of the app to a significant extent. Therefore, you should follow certain tips that will help handle in-app advertisements more appropriately.

Placing the ads

It is a crucial point to determine where to put ads in the app. You would obviously want these ads to get noticed and then clicked on. Therefore, you should be strategic in placing the ads so that there is a right balance between visibility and usability. The user should notice the ads but at the same time get to what they want to see or do within the app. First, you need to evaluate all positions in the app, where you can probably place ads. Second, assess the areas where the ads would enjoy maximum visibility and select the ad type that is most suitable at each location. Third, put yourself into the viewer’s shoe and find out where the user might be receptive to those proposed ads. Go for the areas and ad types that fit and look natural while at the same time, can engage the viewer.

Targeting your ads

Considering the nature of the app and who its users are, you need to target the ads to fit that correct niche and industry. The demographic demand should be considered when you target the viewers. You should perform a detailed research about the user preferences before you place the ads. Focus on the areas of their interests, so that they find the ads relevant enough. When you understand the background and mentality of these users, you can come up with ads that they want to pay some attention to and maybe click on to find out more.

Timing ad duration and frequency

Choosing the duration of ads is particularly important when you use video ads. Make sure that the frequency and duration of ads do not annoy the user. You can use certain tools and ad reports to assess the behavior of the users to understand whether a particular strategy is working out. If not, you need to switch to a different tactic. If you have long advertisements, try to make them interesting, so that the users find them engaging.

Considering the age of viewers

Similar to what you need to do when you target your ads, you need to consider the age of the respective audience. Failure to do so would prevent the ad to gain the desired visibility and the ad impact would also be significantly reduced. Therefore, watch out for suitability factors when you place your ad. For instance, if you are advertising on an app meant for kids, you should only advertise things that are relevant to their age like fun activities, games, or toys.

In conclusion, you need to really know the app when you come up with a targeted ad. Spend time for research and carry out the necessary testing to make sure that the advertisement effectively engages the users. This will make the advertisements more relevant and impactful.


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