Challenges with video ad serving

video adproduction Video ad serving is a powerful service that can help businesses to reach their target audience, increase brand awareness, improve conversion rates, and be more cost-effective. However, there are also some challenges associated with video advertising:

Ad fraud

Ad fraud is a major challenge for the advertising industry in general and also for video advertising. Ad fraud happens when someone intentionally deceives advertisers into paying for fake impressions or clicks. Ads can be viewed by bots or device farms. To prevent and minimize fraudulent activities, use a reliable ad server and partner with only reputable vendors. Make use of available ad fraud prevention, detection tools and settings.

Brand safety

Advertisers want to make sure that their ads are not displayed alongside inappropriate content. This can be a challenge with video advertising because it is difficult to control the content that is displayed alongside video ads. Your ad can be a pre-roll video ad for a video that is embedded inside another web page or a social media post. It is important to really know your vendors, partners, and publishers to ensure that your ads are not displayed alongside inappropriate content, or at least really minimize that possibility.

Ad blocker

Ad blockers are software programs that can be used to block ads from being displayed. This can make it difficult for advertisers to reach their target audience and for publishers to monetize their content. Explain to your audience about ad blockers and how blocking ads affect your business and offer alternative options like a premium subscription.

Regulations and privacy concerns

The video advertising industry is regulated by a variety of bodies, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the European Union (EU). It is a challenge to comply with all the rules without restricting some functionality. Some people are concerned about the privacy implications of video advertising. Video ads can collect data about viewers, which can be used to target ads more effectively, but it can also raise privacy concerns. Stay up-to-date on regulations to make sure that you are compliant and address these privacy concerns by being transparent about how you collect and use data. Only collect what is really needed and retain only as long as it is needed.

Ad Speed

Video ads can be large files, which can put a strain on bandwidth. This can lead to slow ad loading times and poor user experience. Optimize your video ads for speed and a suitable bandwidth level based on your target audience. If your audience are high-end urban visual artists then high resolution videos might be a good idea. However, if your viewers are in rural areas with spotty Internet connections then it is better to reduce file size. To have the best possible user experience, it is important to maintain a good balance between visual elements and ad loading speed. Use a reliable and fast ad serving system that can handle your traffic and have servers near your target audience to minimize loading time.

People and technology

The video advertising industry is constantly evolving and it requires specialized skills, such as video production, marketing, and analytics. Businesses need to keep up with the latest trends and make sure that they have the right people in place to create and manage their video ad campaigns. Invest in training and development to make sure that your team has the skills they need. This can be a challenge for businesses that do not have the resources. It is recommended to work with a reputable video ad serving platform because they will have the experience and resources to help you overcome the challenges of video ad serving.
Posted in Video Ad Server Ad Strategies by Watson F October 17, 2023


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