Ad serving in hotels and resorts

lobby As far as advertising goes, you might imagine that hotels and resorts would be happy just to get some bookings and guests through the front door. That is not the case because these vacation establishments understand the benefits of marketing to their clients before, during and after their stay at the hotel or resort. Making money through bookings is the main source of revenue but it is not the only option for these places. That is why so many businesses use subtle marketing and advertising techniques to keep their guests engaged and stayed on their properties or at locations that they are partnered with. With that in mind, let’s look at the ways in which ad serving is performed in hotels and resorts.

Introduction of available services

No two hotels are exactly the same, with some offering services and amenities that others don’t. Hotels and resorts will very often use ads in different formats to show off what they have to offer to their guests. It can very often be the brochures in your room, the TV’s in the lobby or a daily schedule flyer. Hotel guests are receptive to unique, interesting and fun experience so advertising is a good way to let them know what services or experiences are available.

Cross-promotion of affiliated properties

Many people who stay at hotels are frequent travelers and if they have a positive experience, they are going to remember that and will consider hotels or resorts of the same brand in the future, even at a different destination. Therefore, hotel ads commonly display information about other properties at different locations, all owned by the same parent company. The goal here is to ensure that when guests go to a different location, they choose to stay at the affiliated hotel or resort.

Banner ads on wi-fi login page

Many hotels now offer free wi-fi as part of the price of your stay. While the wi-fi is free, hotels typical require you to login to their network. It’s not unusual to see banner ads displayed on that same page or the page that follows when you are redirected after a successful Internet connection.

Video ads in common areas

If you have been to any hotel recently, you likely notice that there are TV screens everywhere, including your room. There are TV’s placed in public areas such as the lobby, pool, restaurant, bar, gym and pretty much all seating areas. Besides showing TV shows, some resorts also take the opportunity to display video ads on these monitors. These video advertisements often promote the hotel’s amenities and affiliated services. It’s common to see ads for the hotel-owned restaurant or even local restaurants. The more time people spend at the resort, the more they are likely to spend for meals and activities.

Local businesses and attractions

Hotels will very often provide you with a list of local places to shop, eat, and visit. It’s a great way to introduce guests to the local scene, but it can also be a way for the hotel to make money with affiliate marketing. Oftentimes, they will serve as an affiliate for the locations that they recommend. They might also have a revenue sharing program with their partners or have a quid pro quo type of deal where those locations also promote the hotel.


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