Top mobile ad formats

mobile ad channels It has been estimated that approximately 90 percent of all marketing entities make use of mobile-based advertising to sell their products/services. That is unsurprising because the world has witnessed a phenomenal surge in the usage of smartphones. It’s obvious that these devices work as platforms for connecting sellers and prospective buyers. Next, we’ll describe some of the more popular mobile ad formats that you should consider for your next ad campaign:

Video ads

The success that advertisers attribute to video ads is rising, to say the least. As a result, there is a rapid increase in the number of companies/advertisers opting to use video ads on all devices, including mobile devices. These ads, which are of duration typically not exceeding 30 seconds, are extremely useful for selling various brands and games. Along with a smaller time span, it’s crucial that the ads are served fast and presented properly so that users do not treat them as a disturbance. In this respect, neglect of some principles could destroy the very purpose of mobile advertising.

Interstitial mobile ads

This format enjoys great popularity, courtesy of its ability to include engaging content like store locators, videos and audios, to cite a few. It’s interesting to note that with these ads, the full screen of a smartphone gets covered by eye-catching visuals. Here, the design of the ads is such that they capture the attention of people during the vital few seconds of browsing activity. An example of that is when users surf between various web pages.

Banner ads

The name describes one of the oldest ad formats. Who has not seen banner ads before? This display advertising format adapts over the years and is now responsive to all device screen sizes. Banner ads are among the most extensively used mobile ad formats. As a matter of fact, banner ad format is often the first campaign many companies choose when they first commence mobile marketing. Advertisers can create these ads in three common mobile-optimized sizes: 300x250, 320x50 and 300x50. The plus point of display banner ads is that the format is a very simple one, not to mention the fact that the demand for it is proven and stable.

Native ads

This particular format facilitates the designing of ads in a new and clever way. It blends in with other elements and components of the website and users seldom realize that what they see is actually an advertisement. Owing to this, the ads secure a very high number of views as well as shares and engagements. Perhaps, the most striking advantage of this format is that the ads, without intruding on the browsing experience of users, get the message conveyed.

Rich-Media/HTML ads

As suggested by the name, this format has ads that encompass multimedia such as GIFs, video and audio files. With its technical power and complexity, it can be a combination of all the other formats. The ads designed in this way allow companies to showcase their products/services thoroughly, including even seemingly minor details. More commonly, this format allows ad serving of third-party ad tags from other ad networks and ad exchanges.

It needs to be understood that not all mobile ad formats are suitable for all advertisers. Deciding the best and most suitable formats is heavily reliant on the precise product or service that is being advertised and often with some experiments. In this regard, randomly choosing will not help your cause. Hence, carefully analyze all the relevant factors and go with a format that is most suitable for your purpose.

Posted in Mobile Ad Server by Watson F July 06, 2020


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