Tips to effective ad management

Sorting. When viewing the list of all zones, ads, groups, campaigns, advertisers within your account, they are sorted by the creation date. However, you can choose to sort it by name, last modified date, ad dimension and other criteria. The sort setting is saved into your profile so you do not have to set it again and again.

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September 04, 2008


  • Summary for 2005
    "Frequency/Time Capping December 07, 2005 - New restriction methods allow you to limit a number of views for each visitor within a period of time. For example: " More
  • Summary for 2007
    "Happy Holidays 2007! Our team at AdSpeed would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday season and a great new year 2008. During this holiday season, our response to your technical tickets might be a bit slower than usual and we really appreciate your patience. " More
  • Summary for 2006
    "Happy Holidays 2006! A new year is coming and we thank you for your business in 2006 and look forward to deliver even more new features, more ad servers and more value to you in 2007. Our technical support response will be slower during this holiday season but we always have staff monitor the system performance 24/7/365 and make sure they operate smoothly. " More