Providing good customer service to your advertisers

customer relationship In any healthy business relationship, all parties involved should benefit from the partnership. For that to happen, both sides need to provide values to the people that they are doing business with. In situations where that falls apart, you generally find that everyone involved comes out on the losing side in one way or another. If you have a website and want to begin publishing ads, there are some good practices that you need to follow to bring advertisers in and keep them renewing their ad campaigns for the long haul. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the best practices for publishers.

Respond promptly

Before advertisers make the decision to run ads on your pages, they are probably going to have some questions. The sooner you respond, the more likely they want to work with you, whereas putting off answering or simply ignoring their questions will likely result in them going elsewhere. The reality is that there are countless websites to choose from for advertisers, so do not make the mistake of taking too long to get back to any and all inquiries. Follow up politely if you do not hear back after a few days. If you do not have the answers right away, let them know that you’re getting the requested information for them and provide a time estimate.

Be understanding

Creating a working, successful partnership with an advertiser does not happen overnight. You need to understand what they are looking for and if this is a good fit for both sides. You are going to find that some advertisers may want to test the waters a little before jumping all in. In situations where they may have reservations, you need to be flexible, work with them and even compromise a little to get the job done. Maybe a free trial period, a small initial contract, or a flexible payment schedule. How you handle the early moments of the partnership may well dictate the length of it.

Anticipate and adjust

If you are seeing common questions arising from multiple advertisers looking to run ads on your site, you should prepare step-by-step instructions, templates, documents, FAQs. It will save time for both you and the advertisers. Use these questions and user’s feedback to improve the workflow and on-page instructions so that any confusion is minimal. If the question is related to a problem or issue from your end then make sure to address it promptly. Try to stay ahead of the curve when helping your advertisers so that they have a smooth experience and have no reason to look somewhere else.

Update advertisers with frequent reports

It is reasonable for advertisers to check in and see how their ad campaigns are going at any given time. Providing reports that are heavy in the details will certainly help keep them happy. If you use a comprehensive ad server, you can schedule those reports to automatically send out every day, week or month. If advertisers are seeing results and seeing that you are on top of keeping all your advertisers happy and informed, they will have more confidence in renewing their ad campaigns.

Provide access to ad management and reporting

If you are juggling multiple advertisers at one time, it can be very time consuming and difficult to do manually. In this case, you need an ad serving solution. You can create multiple advertiser accounts in your adserver and allow them access to their own accounts. They can view their ads, campaigns, and reports. This helps the advertisers feel as though they are in control while also taking a whole lot of work off your shoulders.


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